The population of India is over 1.311 billion, out of which 188 million make up the working population. Do you have what it takes to battle millions of applicants in the job market to get the job you want? To add to that, now we also have the big IT layoffs of 2017. So, in this scenario, how do you land good jobs? Online distance education with flexible fee payment options, for the most part, could well be the answer.


As technology is evolving with each passing day, there’s a need to equip ourselves with the education and the skills that meet the requirements of the present day job markets. Most of us are aware that courses such as MBABBAM.SC IT and so on are preferred by most recruiters, but these courses are also known to be expensive and hard to get into.




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10 to 15 years ago, only those blessed with abundant wealth could peruse the course of their dreams. Fortunately, we live in changing times where education has become accessible and affordable.


The use of computers and the internet has also brought in the option of taking up online courses through distance education. These distance learning courses offer the same knowledge as a full-time course, but at a fraction of the fee and at a more flexible pace. It allows students to work, learn, earn and even get some time to relax. However, the best part is that the learners don’t need to worry about paying high fees. These are just some of the many advantages of pursuing a distance education program.



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At Sikkim Manipal University Directorate of Distance Education (SMU-DE), the fee payment plans and options are designed keeping the students in mind. The SMU-DE Easy Pay Plan has helped thousands of bright minds get the education they deserve.


Financial Convenience with SMU’s Online Distance Education Programmes


The most popular fee payment option among SMU-DE students is the Easy Instalment Payment Option. Here a student can make fee payments in four stress-free instalments. There are no additional costs or interest payments involved in this option. The best part of this plan is that the minimum payment required is only Rs.3000. This transaction can be made through any mode of payment.




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SMU-DE also offers EMI options with all leading banks. They are calculated at an annualised rate of interest, so students can pay a lower rate of interest.


Keeping up with the times and the Digital India movement, SMU-DE goes one step further and also allows students to pay via mobile and digital wallets. So, now you can enjoy making easy fee payments using Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik and other popular e-payment options. SMU-DE accepts fee payments from 12 of the country’s leading digital wallets for its online distance education courses.




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At SMU-DE, you are free to choose the mode of fee payment convenient to you, be it Credit Card payment, Debit Card payment, Net Banking or Digital wallet payments. Our focus is to help students get the best education with the least amount of stress put on fees and how it is paid.


There are plenty of bright young students who have the knowledge and eagerness to learn and excel, but their poor financial status holds them back. It’s a relief to know that at last things are changing. With SMU-DE, they too have a chance at growing their careers in this crazy competitive world.


Be a part of SMU-DE to feel the difference. Be the change you want to see.



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