Kavita, based in Bangalore, always dreamt of becoming the CEO of a large firm. Having grown up hearing her dad’s inspirational stories to get to the top, she was determined that she could do it too. She had her heart set on it, but she didn’t know how to get there or what courses to opt for. She was yet to discover the possibilities of pursuing two degrees simultaneously.


Kavita reached college with great ambition, but by the time she got into her second year, she started to lose hope. She discovered that if she continued with regular education she would take a lot longer to achieve her dreams.




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The thought of spending several years studying was deterring her until she found out there was a possibility of opting for two degrees simultaneously through distance learning programs. This could mean reaching her goal almost 2 years sooner than expected and also having a big advantage over all her peers.


Distance courses to accelerate academic and professional growth


Pursuing two full-time courses at the same time might sound doable and quite manageable, but in practice, it’s nearly impossible. This is where a distance learning program comes to the aid of a student. It lets you combine distance learning with your regular mode of education, thus enabling you to pursue two degrees simultaneously without disrupting the flow of either course. So, if you are driven as much by your dreams as Kavita is, and whether you’re based in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or Hyderabad, now you have the opportunity to achieve your goals through a distance learning course.


Boost your academic or professional standing and accomplish your dreams.



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How distance learning education programs help you stay ahead?


There have been numerous instances where people with years of work experience have enrolled for distance education courses such as MBAMCA and even BSCIT. The benefit of these dual degree distance learning programs is that they are flexible and allow learners to work and study simultaneously. Post the course, they are usually in a position to demand a higher designation and pay due to improved skills.


So what Kavita decided to do was pursue a distance learning education program from Bangalore. Kavita opted for SMU-DE as she realized that an SMU-DE course will not only boost her gain academic knowledge but also help in mastering soft skills. And as we know it, promotions in organizations don’t depend solely on your quality of work, but also on your ability to work well with teams, clients, and management. This holistic approach is what makes distance education courses, like the ones offered by SMU-DE, so popular with learners like Kavita.


When you feel the need to boost your soft skills or upskill yourself, it is the right time to take up distance learning programs.


Distance education programs sets you on the right path to your dreams


There are people who may want to switch streams in-between college or after they started working. Dual degree distance learning programs equip them with the required skills for the new role. They don’t need to take time off or put a break on their professional life to get ahead.


So the right time to take up a distance learning course is when you want to upgrade your existing skills without any break in your career.



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If there’s a right time to do it, it’s now


Lastly, the option to opt for a distance education program is ideal because you can start at any time! If you are still studying, have recently started working, are 15 years into your job or even if you have retired, distance education courses are still available to you.


The opportunity to explore and complete two degrees simultaneously that you find interesting is always open to you. All you need is the passion and determination to learn more. There is never a ‘wrong’ time to start and learn, so don’t wait! Expand your horizons with the distance learning programs offered by Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education.


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