When you start working, the idea of going back to college seems like an impossible and daunting task. The good news is with distance education programs, it’s all simple! Whether you are considering enrolling for a distance learning program in MBAMSCIT or MCA, it is all achievable with distance education. In fact, with major advancements in the field of IT, the world has become a smaller place and distance education for working professionals is no more a hurdle.


Now, a lot of you must be wondering how feasible is it to manage a full-time job and a distance learning course for a working professional? The most common questions include – does it require taking leaves? Will you lose sleep over your work or course? What happens if you’re on the road a lot? What happens if you don’t have access to a computer at all times? All these are pertinent questions, but they should not stop you, as a working professional, from pursuing distance education because constant learning is the key to career success.




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Distance education programs have been specially designed so that students and working professionals can learn with ease – anytime and anywhere. Factors taken into account include the number of hours you might have to spare, the times that you won’t have connectivity to the internet and the times you’re travelling.


At Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education, no stone is left unturned in making distance education accessible to enthusiastic learners including working professionals. Technology has been used to the max to make learning comfortable for all distance education students.


Ease of Studying Anytime, Anywhere with SMU-Distance Education Programs


You are handed an SD card packed with preloaded content related to your distance learning course. The card allows you to learn on the move as well as when you don’t have internet connectivity.




There is also the option of downloading the EduNxt app from the Play Store. This gives you the option to log into your account and learn at any time of the day. So, for those working in shifts and odd hours, it means you don’t lose sleep and don’t miss out on any of the important course material.




The app is smartly designed and lets students directly connect with the faculty via chat, which is most helpful when there are doubts to be cleared. Students are also allowed to turn in assignments via the app and even get feedback on the same. When it’s exam time this app allows students to access its model question papers, which saves time and the hassles of printing out papers.


Importance of Learning Soft Skills & the SMU-Distance Learning Program App


SMU-DE also recognizes the importance of learning soft skills along with having a strong academic background. These skills are, therefore, taught through the app to aid students in having a holistic educational experience. The good thing about working and studying is you can test these skills at work to see how well it’s received.


The app also allows students and working professionals to participate in academic mentor chats. These mentors inspire and educate as well as answer any questions that students might have. The app helps students get the attention they deserve from real educators that care.



A Student Dashboard is built into the app as well, which helps students plan their course better. It allows students to keep track of where they stand, what needs to be done and how they can progress through their distance education course with ease.


By embracing technology, SMU-DE is making it easy for both students and working professionals to pursue and reap the benefits of distance learning. If a student can stay motivated through the course, there is nothing that can hold him/her back.



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