What makes a college popular and reputed? Is it the courses they offer, the faculty, or their successful alumni? The answer is all of the above. You’re drawn to institutes that offer the course you want, but you also require the right type of support for the course in terms of faculty. 


You also need to know how good the course and faculty are, which can be found out by looking at the success of the past students of the college. The more successful the alumni are, the more likely you are to want to go to that college.


What about distance education institutes?


This rule isn’t applicable only to colleges that offer full-time courses, it also applies to institutes that offer distance education courses. It’s a huge misconception that those who opt for distance MBAs or BBAs and so on, are less successful. These courses equip students with the same skills, knowledge, and opportunities as that who have done full-time courses.


SMU-DE offers placement assistance to their students and these students have gone on to join big companies, experience accelerated growth and enjoy top positions.


What do companies look for while hiring?


Most companies look for candidates with the right skills and good work ethics. If you have what a company needs, then that’s all that matters. The alumni from SMU-DE have gone on to join various companies in a variety of industries and verticals. They hold prominent positions in areas like the Telecom sector, Public Sector, and Defence to name a few. Their qualifications make them suitable for various positions ranging from sales, marketing, HR, supply chain, legal, IT, business development, project management and more!





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Reputed companies that hire SMU-DE students


Students who have successfully graduated from SMU-DE have joined companies such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, IBM, HCL Technologies, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro and more. Companies such as ICICI Bank, Axis Securities, Justdial, HDFC Realty, IIFL, Reliance, The Leela, Eureka Forbes, IndiGo and many more attend SMU-DE job fairs to hire students and alumni.


These companies don’t just include top Indian companies, but also global leaders in their fields. The fact that renowned companies come looking for SMU-DE students, only validates that a distance education degree is at par with other degrees.


Roles for SMU-DE students


Alumni from SMU-DE have gone on to join big companies in a variety of roles. The most popular role being Information Technology, then Sales, followed by Operations, Business Development and Human Resources. Though these might be the most common choices, there are plenty of SMU-DE alumni in Arts, Media, Real Estate, Military and Protective services and even Legal services.



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Alumni from SMU-DE have gone on to follow their dreams without any hesitation. They have joined companies that are the best in the world and have taken up roles that enable them to showcase their skills effectively.


Here are some of our Alumni sharing their experiences:


A hectic schedule prevented Jibin from dedicating enough time to his academic and professional growth. Here’s how he made the most of SMU-DE’s tab-based MBA:


Anurag was keen on pursuing a post graduate degree in management, but could not afford it due to financial constraints. Find out how SMU-DE helped him achieve his goal:


A distance degree can give you the ability to grow, learn and succeed with ease. At the end of the day, there is nothing that stands between you and success but hard work and determination.



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