Mothers have this innate quality where they tend to put their children before themselves. Think about your own childhood, how often did you see your mom give up on that last bite of her favourite ice cream, just because it was your favourite too? Many moms choose to focus on their children and take a break from their career or education.


As per a survey by Catalyst, a leading non-profit organization, in 2011-12, about 13.4% women in India held a salaried job compared to 21.2% men having a regular salaried job. Many women prefer taking some time off from work after having a baby. However, most of them also feel the need to use this time to take up something meaningful to help with their transition once they join the workforce.



Distance education courses are an ideal option for anyone eager to learn, but is struggling with taking out time for a regular learning course. They are especially helpful for stay-at-home mothers who want to spend time taking care of their children or their house while using their time productively to boost their professional and academic skills. Let’s look at some ways in which distance education courses can prove beneficial to stay-at-home moms:



Boost your skills and academic qualifications



There is no age for learning. So while you are trying to figure out your way around motherhood, you can also continue your education. You can take up that long-awaited MBA distance education course or any degree of your choice and boost your educational qualifications.



It displays your passion and commitment



It takes dedication and hard work to juggle between motherhood and ‘anything else’. Being a mother is a full-time and a tough job. So when you choose to continue your education as a stay-at-home mom, it stands testimony to the amount of hard work you are ready to put in and showcases your passion for learning.





With a new addition to your family, you may have new expenses to squeeze into your budget. A distance learning course is not only flexible and convenient, but also easier on your pocket compared to a regular course. Also, think about the money you save by cutting traveling cost.


If you are a stay-at-home and want to continue your education, distance learning is an ideal way to go ahead with it.



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