We love the fact that International Women’s Day has picked up more vigour and dynamism than ever! Adding to this, social media, television and many global brands also play a valuable part in helping women unite for a much needed social change.


Quite contrasting to how the Women’s Day was first celebrated in the US, back in 1909, where the fight was for women voting rights, this year celebrations saw some quirky ideas like pink beer and Hero Barbies to deliver the message. However, the motto more or less remained the same – equal rights for women in every field.


Uniting for a cause



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This year’s theme #PressforProgress focuses on gender equality. The International Women’s Day website declares

“Now, more than ever, there’s a strong call-to-action to press forward and progress gender parity.”


What did the brands do on Women’s Day?


While many retail brands like Myntra offered handsome discounts to women, some brands took on a more valuable and supportive role by shelling out exclusive ad campaigns focusing on women rights and equality. Educational brands emphasized on upskilling and learning for women by encouraging them to take up specialized short-term courses.


Let’s look at how the brands cranked up their creativity to support women on their special day.


Campaigns from 2018 which won our hearts:

  1. Borosil


Borosil came up with a heart-touching idea to deliver the gender parity message. By having kids role-play their parents, Borosil beautifully conveyed how husbands can support their wives who are juggling between personal and professional lives.


Watch the ad here:



Distance learning courses give you the freedom to learn from anywhere and anytime at your own pace. These courses are a favourite among women who want to keep learning and make the most of their time come what may. So whether you are looking for correspondence courses in Mumbai, or a distance learning course in Bangalore while pursuing a full-time job, distance education will help quench your thirst for knowledge!


  1. Biba


Biba the apparel brand won the heart of every Indian woman by rolling out an amazingly creative commercial. By having a man take a clichéd remark often given to women, it showed the audience how gender disparity works subtly. Seeing such a simple idea deliver with such intensity makes this ad one of our favourites.


Watch the ad here:




  1. Nike


Nike took a stand against women disparity in sports in its 2018 campaign – Until We All Win. In a neatly written narrative that captures gender discrimination, tennis superstar Serena Williams tells us how there’s no wrong way to be a woman.


Watch the ad here:




  1. HP


Hewlett Packard created a soul-stirring short film called Paro to celebrate women taking unconventional paths and following their dreams. The narrative shows a creative and oblivious little girl Paro doodle her imagination in her school textbooks. Her school teacher spots it and instead of punishing her, gets it published. The inspiring story sends out the message that women can virtually do anything and have the right to follow their dreams.


Watch the short film here:



Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education offers several courses like distance BBA and MBA. Women can take these courses to follow their dreams and show the world what leaders should look like!


  1. PC Chandra Jewelers


PC Chandra Jewelers came up with a disruptive idea challenging the superficial meaning of Women’s Day with its campaign – Let’s Uncelebrate. The ad showed a series of questions posed by women that define how the world has been subtly teaching us gender bias since our early childhood.


 Watch the ad here:



Correspondence courses, in various fields like M.ScBCA or MCA, can empower women to pursue learning and carve a career for themselves.


Brands endorsing a social cause


It is interesting to see how brands are playing a vital role in the customer’s life today. By standing up for their rights and instilling a sense of confidence and acceptance for them in the society, brands today are much more than labels and these Women’s Day exclusive campaigns are an example of this change.

Which 2018 Women’s Day campaign touched your heart? Tell us in the comments section.


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