Inspiration knows no caste, creed or gender. Moreover, it can come from places you least expect. Yet it has the power to transform you on a granular level. It can instill the courage in you to take bold decisions and do wonders with your life.


As we are still in the month that celebrates the achievements of women, why not take some inspiration from the incredible ladies we all enjoyed watching on the big screen? These characters flawlessly portrayed every emotion we women feel – from unbending iron will to all-embracing compassion, from challenging the norms to adapting to new situations. These are some stories which will keep you motivated during your distance education course and your professional life too.


Five must-watch movies featuring powerful women characters:





The Iron Lady – Leaders are never followers


The film portrays the life of Great Britain’s strongest lady prime minister – Margaret Thatcher.  A title given to her by her enemy Soviet leaders, Iron Lady inspires us to be strong-willed in every endeavor we take. She was the first ever British woman prime minister and held the position for over 11 years. Her fierce determination in following through her decisions led to many historic changes witnessed by the United Kingdom. She hoisted Britain’s victory flag in Falklands and played a key role in ending the Soviet Union with her ally Ronald Reagan. She also pulled the nation out of a crippled economy and rampant unemployment. Another strong woman, Meryl Streep convincingly portrayed the character in the movie.


Distance learning students have a lot to learn from this movie as they are required to develop a strong will to go on. By focusing on one day at a time and accomplishing smaller goals, they can avoid getting distracted and finish their course with flying colors.






Million Dollar Baby – Follow your dream


There’s a lot to learn from this multi-award winning movie starring Hillary Swank and Clint Eastwood, celebrating the fulfillment of following your dream. The plot shows a young 13-year old Maggie (Hillary) passionate about boxing. She practices without any help from anyone and even eats leftovers at her workplace to keep her body going, but fails to make it big. The twist in the story comes when several years later she is spotted by a seasoned boxing trainer who agrees to train her.


The movie showcases Maggie’s passion to emerge as the champion and beats all odds. She overcomes her passing age as well as financial and family constraints to live her dream of becoming a boxing champion.


Correspondence courses are a great way to upskill and learn continuously, but they also demand a level of discipline. The learning for students is that if you have the passion to learn, factors like age and a pre-occupied life are not big enough deterrents as distance learning courses are designed for everyone.






Blind Side – Be compassionate


The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock is a gem of a movie. It inspires in a unique way by showing how a woman’s efforts can turn someone’s life around. Based on the true story of the Tuohy family and their adopted son Michael Oher, who later becomes an NFL star, Blind Side celebrates compassion and faith in self as a must-have quality.


Sandra plays a crucial role in the success and upbringing of an abandoned child by taking him up under her wings. Always looking for the bright spots in the most challenging situations is perhaps the biggest takeaway from the movie.


The learning from the movie is simple. If your friends are finding it difficult to understand a particular subject say in BBA or MBA, you should reach out and offer help. Often by teaching you can learn the concepts yourself in a completely new way.






English Vinglish – Be ready to learn new things


English Vinglish starring late Sridevi is an inspirational movie as it shows that your challenges are your greatest teachers too. Not valued by her family and relatives, Sridevi decides to work on her weaknesses to regain her self-confidence. The movie shows how the character gains visibility owing to her willingness to learn, adapt, and become self-confident.


Upskilling is a great way to add new value and confidence in yourself. Courses from institutes like Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education are a great way for time-crunched professionals and students to sharpen their skills.






Bend it like Beckham – Break the norms


A movie that revolves around a Punjabi family settled in the United Kingdom, Bend It Like Beckham is another touching movie for those who want to do something unique and unconventional. The movie shows how a girl aspiring to be a footballer in an orthodox family faces opposition and challenges from her own parents and the society. Her skills are noticed by a local friend who helps her out in pursuing her football dream by breaking her family norms. The movie ends with the girl winning her family’s trust and support owing to her passion for the game.


Distance learning courses like MBA in Marketing can have unique benefits compared to a full-time course. If you want to continue with your job and still want to study, don’t hesitate in breaking the norm and creating your own success path by opting for distance courses.


Be an inspiration yourself


Whether you’re pursuing a correspondence course in Mumbai or a distance learning course in Bangalore, you might find it hard juggling your professional life with your academic responsibilities. However, transforming your weakness into strength is what these strong-headed women teach us through their stories of struggle, persistence and determination to achieve.


Which of these is your favourite character? Tell us in the comments section.


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