Thums Up was introduced in the year 1977, way back before most of us were even born. The drink made a name for itself due to its refreshingly strong taste compared to the other milder soft drinks in the market.



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Apart from its taste, Thums Up has always garnered attention for its marketing campaigns, especially with its brand slogans. Right from ‘Happy days are here again’, ‘I want my thunder’ to ‘Taste the thunder’ and finally to ‘Aaj kuch toofani karte hai’, the brand’s taglines have been a hit with the masses.


In short, the thunderous taste, and the innovative campaigns, have made Thums Up one of the most popular soft drinks in India. However, favourable times don’t always last for brands, no matter how successful they have been in the past. The same thing happened with Thums Up.


There was a slow-down in the soft drink’s production volume due to demonetization, and implementation of the Goods and Services Tax during the first half of 2017. Moreover, consumers have been shifting towards healthier and non-sweetened alternatives, so sales of carbonated soft-drinks have gone down.


However, Thums Up isn’t a brand that is going to go down without a fight. They have returned with a bang. Coca-Cola has launched its first ever Thums Up variant – Thums Up Charged, after 40 years.


So what can you learn from this brand that refuses to give up? Read on to find out.


Constant evolution is pivotal


Did you know when Thums Up was initially launched by Parle in 1993, it was positioned as a refreshing cola drink? It was only much later when Thums Up was acquired by Coca-Cola, that it reinvented itself to become a ‘masculine’ brand. The important thing to learn here? Even after they became the country’s leading cola brand, they did not rest on their laurels.


Their new variant, Thums Up Charged is a great example of this evolution. It is believed to contain more caffeine, thereby offering extra ‘thunder’ to consumers. In this way, the introduction of a new product will not only overcome growth challenges, but also augment the brand image and overshadow competition.


How can you learn from this? Say you are pursuing a distance degree course that requires you to constantly devise strategies for your study routines. There will be times when you may be pre-occupied with other commitments, making it difficult for you to stick to your study routine. So don’t leave the hard work for the week before your exams. Work hard throughout the academic year instead and strive to be at the top of your game!



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Know your strengths and stick to them


Thums Up understands its target audience well. The brand tries to appeal to the male audience, and does this by associating its campaigns with themes, like courage and self-belief.


The key lesson here? Before you select a distance education program or correspondence course in Bangalore, identify your forte. Suppose you have a great business acumen, and hope to run a start-up someday, take up a distance MBA degree. It is imperative to stick to your field of expertise!



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Always push the envelope


If there is one definite lesson you can take from this brand, it is to go beyond commonly accepted boundaries. Recall some of their eccentric ads. It is this level of innovation and enthusiasm that currently allows them to draw in an annual revenue of $770 million. However, do you know their sales target? They aim to touch $1 billion by 2020. Similarly, extend your current performance limits because you never know how high you can reach!



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All in all, the never day say die attitude of the brand is commendable. Distance learning students can take inspiration from Thums Up’s desire to go one-up at all times while pursuing realistic goals.


So if you want to be successful in life, be sure to never rest on your laurels, and continue to improve yourself despite the challenges.


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