The most talked about YouTube channel, TED Talks, has landed in India! And if you are a fan of the TED Talks series on YouTube, you’ve got to be excited about TED Talks: Nayi Soch!


So far, it has already created waves by chalking up a great TRP score. It is primarily because of the show’s excellent intellectual and motivational content. Also, since marketing enthusiasts and distance learners require a regular dose of inspiration and motivation, TED Talks: Nayi Soch could be the ideal TV show for you!


Although TED Talks is a productive way to pass time when feeling low or bored, it is also an excellent learning tool, especially for marketing enthusiasts. The series is inspirational because it contains many tips for success. What are these, you ask? Repetitive patterns of ideas, symbolism, and keywords make TED Talks: Nayi Soch an effective learning tool, which can be used to generate insights and help you create better marketing strategies.



So if you are a distance learning student, who has opted for an MBA in marketing as a major, try to incorporate the habit of watching such shows as a part of your study. And now, let us delay no further, and pick out three fundamental learnings to be imbibed from TED Talks.


Understand the requirement


What is TED Talks: Nayi Soch? It is a TV series which gives insights into the lives of intelligent and successful people, who motivate fellow strugglers to keep trying. What do the promoters of TED and Star do? They recognize the needs of the people in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and offer them helpful and innovative solutions to overcome their problems.


TED Talks: Nayi Soch does not distinguish between people and the kind of work they do. It could be students, working professionals, business people, homemakers or even celebrities. As the fundamentals of all problems are similar, the fundamentals of the solution are identical too. This is the first principle you must learn in marketing – recognize the need and fulfill it.


Innovation is the key to success


The ‘T’ and ‘D’ in TED stand for technology and design. Both are dynamic concepts, and the platform evidently is a staunch propagator of constant innovation. The first proof is that the concept of TED was originally presented through the internet, a fairly new technology. And now through TED: Nayi Soch, they have moved to television giving them a diversified audience.


The range of the topics, the change in trends of the content served over the years, the generation of new formats like TEDx, and coming up with more languages such as Hindi, are all examples of innovation and engagement. The message given is often counter-intuitive, but still engaging and helpful to the audience. Marketing courses do a similar thing: teaching you to bring in new ideas, and keeping up with the changing times.


Prioritize needs, not glamour


You may assume that startup billionaires under 35 years of age and supermodels are the best candidates to share their stories through TED. However, in reality it is the show’s content that drives the channel, not glamour. In the first episode itself, we saw an eco-entrepreneur, a physicist and an inventor coming up on the stage.


There are hundreds of TED videos by university professors and researchers sharing their findings on productivity, relationships, culture, and psychology. But in principle, even the videos on success and beauty are intellectual and cater to the desire for knowledge, not the desire for gratification. It is asserted through their consistent behavior that to be a successful marketer you need to provide better satisfaction than just bombard prospective customers with visually-stimulating advertisements.


As a marketing student, there are a lot of lessons you can learn from TED Talks: Nayi Soch. They have a great understanding of their target audience, and have an amazing ability to keep their content innovative and relevant. So if you are a marketing enthusiast, TED Talks: Nayi Soch can be your ‘guide to marketing 101’!


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