SMU-DE’s learning platform recently made headlines in the international education domain when it won silver at the prestigious LPI Learning Awards 2018 in London.


Contesting with other leading brands like Classera, AstraZeneca, PepsiCo, Kineo and TCS, the distance education platform grabbed the silver award in the category of Digital Learning Transformation, reestablishing SMU-DE’s vision of revolutionizing distance education by making it learner-centric and driven by technology.



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Transforming distance education


“The greatest challenge that any learner faces today, especially in distance education, is not “what to learn” but “how to learn effectively”.


Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education (SMU-DE) addresses this challenge by transforming distance education to an easy-to-access online and mobile learning solution with digitized content.


Connecting the dots in education


Connecting the dots to bridge the gap in imparting education, SMU-DE has revolutionized distance education programs by converging state-of-the-art technology with highly student-focused educational content available anytime, anywhere. The content is learner-centric and is integrated with animation, video content, graphics and self-assessment features. Making distance learning a two-way road, SMU-DE has thousands of students and working professionals engaged with its various distance learning programs and educators.


“SMU-DE is promoting new concepts of learning that do not follow the one-size-fits-all model. It caters to individuals who want to learn at their own pace and settings while getting the maximum benefit of learning through the pedagogy of their choice.”


Distance learning at fingertips


SMU-DE offers several opportunities for creating a suitable learning ecosystem for students with its learning platform EduNxt and the SMU-DE mobile app. The award-winning distance learning platform gives students easy access to their course content, creating a seamless learning experience facilitating personalized and focused learning. The app leverages the best of modern technology and teaching allowing students to study anytime and anywhere using devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.




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The app acts like a student’s learning companion giving instant access to interactive educational content that is easy to understand. The content ranges from faculty-led instructional videos, animated concept videos, case studies to even crosswords, games and puzzles.


Crossing the toughest hurdle of two-way communication in distance learning, the app is highly interactive and allows learners and educators to collaborate effectively through mails, dashboards and even video conferencing.


By incorporating quizzes, self-assessment tests, and real-time feedback features, the distance learning platform allows students to challenge themselves and achieve better results thus making learning in a distance course a progressive journey.


The classroom within your mind

Distance education has seen a paradigm shift in the last decade owing to its affordability, accessibility and technological advancements in communication. Today, distance education has become a flexible and smart alternative to classroom learning, offering distinct advantages and learning opportunities. Sikkim Manipal University – Distance Education offers immense opportunities to students and professionals to sharpen their skills and get the best education at their fingertips.


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