Deadpool’s reckless. He’s not morally obliged to be a good guy. And he’s downright weird!  Yet he ends up helping the other Marvel’s superheroes with little regard for his own safety. But did you know? He’s been popular even before his first solo movie that was released a couple of years ago. Since his creation in 1991, die-hard comic readers have loved and adored his unconventional ways.


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The key lesson? Being unique and being yourself is what counts at the end of the day.


Now with Deadpool 2 hitting the screens, the time has come again for students – from distance learning courses or otherwise, to learn something unique from this one-of-a-kind superhero and apply it to their academics.


Three lessons all students can take from the unconventional superhero!



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1.Everyone’s got an opinion – Do what you want to


Deadpool discards the very norm set in the Marvel and DC world. A superhero has to take care of others, save their lives and even spare the villains from a death sentence. A villain is expected to create mayhem, abduct old and helpless people to blackmail the superhero, and crave for world dominance. Deadpool is unique in the sense that he is a combination of both. He is neither a hero nor a villain. He does what he wants and is exceptionally good at it.


As a distance education student do you always go by the book or like to experiment a little? If you’ve tried your own way, you’ll agree that sometimes taking a different approach helps us in coming up with a unique solution. However, we would advise not to be reckless like Deadpool when trying something new.



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3. Stay calm despite the extent of impending danger


Deadpool is the king of dark humour. His intelligent and stingy remarks can take the tension off in the gravest of situations. Deadpool’s ability to stay cool by acting like a fool really works for him. His fans have even nicknamed him as a mercenary with a mouth for not taking things seriously. Yet he never fails to deliver. Maybe that’s because he never panics. Deadpool teaches to be prepared and agile in every situation.


When was the last time you froze looking at a tough examination paper? Later you may have laughed thinking about how you dealt with the situation. However, panic often impacts your ability to think properly. So what to do in such a situation? It may work well if you take a couple ofseconds to regain your composure and then take the necessary action.


3.Never stop learning new skills 


Perhaps Deadpool’s greatest weapon is his innovative approach. His mind keeps churning new ideas which he puts to practice while beating up his enemies. Deadpool is a master of different martial art forms. He’s amazing with a sword and has mastered several languages like German, Spanish and even Japanese.


What new did you learn today? For a student learning isn’t confined to BBA or MBA syllabus. You can learn so much by reading books or just scrolling through informative websites.


If you decide to enjoy this movie with your friends anytime soon, don’t forget to pick a couple of unconventional moves from Deadpool to help you tackle your MCA or BCA courses in a unique and effective way. As Deadpool would say – Let your common sense tingle!


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