Gone are the days when it was an accomplishment for Indian women to achieve the same feats as their male counterparts. It is now a well-established fact and a matter of pride for women to create their own brand as leaders, adventurers, scientists, politicians and fearless achievers in every field they choose.


Such motivating women are inspiring young and budding leaders to break the limitations set by the society. Motivating you to chase your dreams and prove to the world that you are capable of making a difference, no matter who you are or where you come from.



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To inspire the budding entrepreneur in you, here are two stories of Indian women and their unique achievements which made the nation proud. Whether you are a student from a remote part of India pursuing distance MBA to excel in your career or an aspiring entrepreneur completing a correspondence course in Mumbai, these Indian women are sure to motivate you into putting your best.



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Arunima Sinha and her commendable comeback


Arunima Sinha decided to touch new heights in an entirely unexpected way, when she conquered the mighty Mount Everest. What’s really amazing is, that she pushed for the summit with a prosthetic leg! And in doing so, she became the first Indian woman to achieve this impossible goal.


A national level volleyball player who was going strong, tragedy struck Arunima when she was pushed off a moving train by robbers resulting in the loss of a leg. However, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.


Lying on a bed in AIIMS hospital, she decided to give herself a challenge that will not only instil confidence back in her, but also inspire others. Till date, she has climbed three of the seven highest peaks in the world, and her mission is to summit them all.


Turn your weakness into strength


Budding entrepreneurs and students pursuing distance education courses can take inspiration from her story by not getting discouraged if the situation is not in their favour. Even if they have the added pressure of catering to their professional life, they should use the opportunity to upskill and make their dream come true.



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Dr. Tessy Thomas – The missile woman of India


It’s magical to follow your childhood dream the way ‘Agniputri’ Tessy Thomas did. Hailing from a small town in Kerala, she recalls watching the rockets shoot up and pierce through the sky at Thumpa rocket launching station close to her home.


Tessy’s dreams were powered by the same fuel that fired rockets into the orbit, when she cracked the DRDO interview to join the research organisation. The missile man Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam identified her talent in a male-dominated profession and put her in the Agni missile programme. She later proved her mettle when she headed the successful launch of Agni V in 2012.


Success didn’t come easy to her and she battled with countless setbacks and criticism at every step of Agni V development. However, she saw each setback as an opportunity to help improve the rocket model and design.


Don’t be afraid to be the first


The lesson for entrepreneurs is not to hesitate even if you are the first one to try something out. Often your passion will put you in a situation where you’ll have to take decisions no one else is taking. Trust yourself and follow it through until you succeed.


No looking back


Indian women are already on the roll and making waves in male-dominated areas like the military. While Avani Chaturvedi flew over the skyline as the first Indian fighter pilot flying solo, Shubhangi Swaroop conquered the sea to become India’s first naval pilot. Aanchal Thakur, on the other hand, became the first Indian athlete to win a medal in Winter Olympics held in South Korea. The daughters of Indian soil are making us all proud and there is certainly no stopping them!


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