What you learn during your distance learning course, be it an MBA in Marketing or any other specialisation, is just the tip of the iceberg. The best marketers never stop learning. They do not stop and neither should you. As you step towards marketing immortality (an art you will master when you become a marketer after that MBA in marketing), it’s time to follow these five marketing bloggers:


Guy Kawasaki:




Let’s start with one of the more obvious ones: Guy Kawasaki is a marketing specialist, author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He was a part of the team responsible for marketing Apple’s Macintosh computer line in the early 1980s. Kawasaki is also a published author and his best blogs are about evangelism – the art of making someone fall in love with your idea, and then spreading it to others on their own will, without any reward. So much to learn from him, isn’t it?


Violeta Nedkova:




This blogger from Bulgaria starts off with a ‘Hey, I’m Violeta’, and does not let up after. As impossible as it is to categorise her blog, it is equally difficult to turn your eyes away from it. One day she’ll be talking about the strengths and weaknesses of a creative process, and the next day she’ll be listing useful marketing tools. The standout feature of her blog is its creativity and how marketing techniques are combined with the same.


Seth Godin:


The first thing that may strike you about Seth Godin’s blog is his head, and we don’t mean superficially! Godin presents unique and to-the-point tips and tricks questioning the way we think. He guides us to use certain techniques while problem-solving, irrespective of the domain. An interesting, and often ignored, aspect of Godin’s blog is the way he titles them. His titles are always idiomatic and get you to click on the blog. One of the most important facets of being a marketer is knowing how to write a subject line, and Godin is a pro at it!


Philip Graves:




This is where we go beyond the quirky ones. Philip Graves is an expert in consumer psychology and behaviour. While not the most entertaining blog out there, it explains the tricks of bringing in consumers – one of the most important aspects of being a marketer. Graves describes how consumers make purchasing decisions. He also helps tailor trends in consumer behavioural patterns. Oh, and one of his books, Consumerology, was among Amazon’s top ten business books of the year in 2010!


Neil Patel:




We’ve saved one of the most engaging ones for the last – a marketing blogger with a desi twang, Neil Patel. On his blog, he claims to have built a million-dollar business while sleeping! This appears as a widget on the website, which doesn’t go away even as you scroll through the page – a perfect marketing trick. Patel usually provides actionable tips and the best action you could take is reading his blog. His posts are usually lengthy, but are likely to be the most useful 15-20 minutes you spend all day.


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