Who doesn’t have fond memories of their school days? And more often than not, a lot of school stories have something or the other to do with a teacher. The one who had a strange accent, or thick spectacles that made their eyes pop, or an incomprehensible handwriting, perhaps?



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Bet your student life was filled with memories of such incidents where you made fun of your teachers and assigned them funny names. However, you must have never thought how they coped with their personal challenges and devoted themselves to making you smarter, wiser and ready for a bright career. Teaching is not an easy profession. There’s a huge responsibility to shape the young and curious minds in the right way. Imagine finishing your BBA syllabus without the help of a teacher and you’ll know their real value.


The recently released movie Hichki, which focuses on the challenges that a professional faces to become a good teacher, was warmly received by students and teachers across India. The movie portrays the honest and thought-worthy story of Naina Mathur, an aspiring teacher with a speech disorder called Tourette syndrome. Despite being rejected 18 times, Naina fights for five years to become a teacher and proves the world wrong.


There are many lessons you can learn from Hichki and apply them in your life for good. Let’s look at some of the things this superwoman teaches us.


Think of your weakness as a challenge


How many people do you know who have turned their weakness into their strength? Often your weakness pushes you to put more effort into reaching your goal. And this becomes the deciding factor for success. Naina worked hard on her speech to overcome Tourette and while doing so, invented her own unique method of teaching which later became her strength. In her own words, “Tourette is in my speech, not in my intellect”, and there is so much to learn from this never-say-die attitude.


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Take inspiration from those who support you


Naina had a troubled childhood with her parents, who often fought over her disorder. However, she was lucky to have her mother by her side throughout her struggle. Her mother supported her ambitions even when she failed, which in turn boosted her confidence to continue her fight.


Naina was also inspired by the students from 9F class who gave her a hard time initially, but later realized that she was determined to help them out and was not a quitter like the previous eight teachers.


Quite often, you might feel that you’re on your own while studying for an exam. Doing a course like distance MBA can be tough, but just look around and you will see your friends and family overcome their own struggles. Learn from them, take their advice and move ahead.



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Don’t give up if you fail


Naina failed 18 times before tasting the sweet taste of success. She could’ve easily given up on her dream and taken the job that her father had arranged for her. However, she remained positive and saw failure as a chance to improve herself.


Have you ever performed badly in an exam? Never let these slip-ups let you tumble down. Failure should be seen in a positive light and as a sign to try harder. If you’ve never failed, maybe you’ve never tried something challenging enough.


Follow your dream


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