Yes, it is the dreaded exam time, but before you get all worked up, just think of what lies ahead of you once you clear your distance MBA exams with flying colours. Okay, we aren’t trying to pressurize you further, but this is the time to give it your all and aim high. However, with a limited time in hand, it is also a crucial moment to cross check your exam strategy and focus on some last-minute tips.


We have five tips for all of you enrolled in distance learning courses in India, which are aimed at improving your performance through self-analysis while also boosting your memory power and confidence.





Time to turbocharge your brain!


  1. 1.Use the box breathing technique


Exam time is stressful, no doubt. Performance pressure and a competitive environment can easily affect your confidence and stress you into making mistakes. During such times, distance education students often miss out on some questions, misread them or don’t go through the exam instructions carefully. All of this can be linked to the loss of focus due to stress.


Box breathing, also known as four square breathing is an excellent technique that can be used before or during exams. By taking deep and slow breaths and focusing on relaxation, this technique allows you to get rid of stress and regain your composure. A relaxed brain is capable of performing much better than a nervous one.


Highly recommended for students pursuing BBA or MBA courses, we recommend you to practice deep breathing 5 minutes before the exam starts to get in the right mind-set and improve your ability to recall the answers.





  1. 2. Focus on what you know


A useful trick with a high success rate (yes, we can vouch for it!) is to begin with the answers you know. Even the top scorers often don’t know the answers to every question in an exam paper. However, they place more emphasis on the questions they are well-prepared for. Now how this works is that it helps in building their confidence while writing the exam and eventually perform better.


With a more confident mind-set, you are better able to deal with the questions, even the ones you are not well-prepared for. Also, you can manage time efficiently by not wasting it on overthinking about answers you are not so sure about.


  1. 3. Don’t listen to the crowd


If we had to recommend you only one tip to follow right before your exam, it would be this. It is normal for your friends and peers to talk to you about their stress and worries. They can also talk about certain topics that can affect your confidence and focus. It is best to relax and stay calm before the exam or simply do a mental revision of your subject. By listening to the crowd, you risk a chance of getting deviated and losing your focus.


So if you’re pursuing a distance education course in Mumbai, or a correspondence course in Bangalore, you can use this tip to retain focus and excel in exams.





  1. 4. Visualise the exam process


Always do full dress rehearsals by taking mock tests. This simple practice will give you a reality check and allow you to see how likely you are to perform in your exam by helping you analyse the time taken to answer each question and strategize accordingly.


Visualising the scenario will also help you get familiar with exam-like conditions which benefit in reducing stress and anxiety. By visualizing the entire exam process, you prepare your brain to stay composed in highly stressful situations.



Source: Sites at Penn State


  1. 5. Chalk up a suitable diet plan


If you are a student pursuing a challenging, but highly sought-after course like distance MBA, you should start preparing for exams in advance. And when we talk about exam preparation, your diet plays a significant role in it. Wondering how? Think about it. Don’t you feel sluggish after eating high-calorie food? And how can we forget the biggest saviour of the day (especially during late night studies) – a cup of steaming hot tea or freshly brewed coffee?


Your food habits control your brain and mood to a certain extent. So include brain foods like almonds, walnuts and lots of energy-rich food in your diet to boost your brain power. Apples are known to improve concentration and reduce drowsiness, so it won’t hurt to keep one handy, right?


Did your mom ever offer you curd, lassi or a banana just before exams? These foods are known to cool you down and provide you instant energy. It’s a good idea to eat light food at least two hours before the exam. Replenish your body with liquids like lemonade or fresh juices during exam to help your brain perform at its best. Quite a delicious way to go about it, isn’t it?


Good luck to you!


Be it distance courses or classroom coaching, every student faces exam pressure. Lucky for you, these tips will help you tackle exam stress easily. Do you have any personal exam tips that keep you going? We would love to know, do drop a comment!


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