The multi-sport event, which commenced on September 7, 2016 and lasted until September 18, 2016 showcased the talent and hard work of several physically challenged athletes.


So what drives Devendra Jhajharia, the Paralympian who broke the javelin world record at Rio 2016? What are those things that whisper so loudly in the ears of these Paralympians that they not only diminish the thought of giving up, but gear themselves up to undertake something extraordinary, and beyond imagination


  • Willpower: The para-athletes assert strength even in the face of strong contradictory indicators.
  • Determination: There is this strong perseverance in these ‘superhumans’ that motivates them to stay focused despite the obstacles.
  • Dedication: Undistracted focus and commitment towards achieving their goal.


Life lessons you can learn from Rio 2016 Paralympics


  • You are your own biggest motivator

    Though a coach is indispensable in one’s quest to win in Paralympics, the real motivation comes from inside. Just ask Deepa Malik, who overcame a spinal tumour, 31 surgeries and 183 stitches to win India a Silver medal at the Rio Paralympics 2016.

  • Disciplined Learning

    A para-athlete needs to be disciplined. A stringent routine for practice is essential to achieve a goal that is challenging and mentally exhausting.

  • A sense of Purpose

    Getting above all the difficulties and hurdles in life without any sense of purpose or achievement may put all your efforts in vain. A goal to achieve something plays a vital role in the life of a para-athlete. It not only motivates to excel, but also develops an interest to learn more.

  • Comprehending that “It Will Pay Off”

    There are many who are desperate to achieve a positive result without investing the necessary efforts. But look carefully at those who participate in Paralympics. Their patience and perseverance reflect on their faces. They are aware that hard work will pay off tomorrow.


 A proud feeling that envelopes in the end


When the para-athlete’s chest kisses that red ribbon and when a distance learner achieves what he/she desires, the proud feeling that they are wrapped with that time is something a bit tricky to explain in words. Apart from making their loved ones merry, they make their entire nation proud. For instance, Devendra Jhajharia, Mariyappan ThangaveluDeepa MalikVarun Singh Bhati and Amit Kumar Saroha from India gave the nation proud moments by winning gold, silver and bronze medals in the 2016 Paralympics.


Be it winning in Paralympics or turning your dream into a reality, nothing is impossible. It is about how truly you believe in yourself and how determined you are to reach your goal.


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