The role of a woman is not limited to home-making anymore. Women are successfully chasing their dreams in fields which were once male-dominated. Be it a lady auto driver sailing through the city traffic or a fighter pilot piercing the sky, these iron-willed women are a living testimony of the diminishing gender gap in our society. These women have dared to break the glass ceiling in unconventional fields and are an inspiration to those dreaming of similar path-breaking choices.


So if you are a distance education student who is concerned about breaking out of the mould of conventional career choices, worry not, we have got you covered! To inspire you, here are stories of women who opted for unconventional career options and are proving their mettle in style!



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Mehvish Mushtaq: Developer of the ‘Dial Kashmir’ app


A young 23-year old Mehvish Mushtaq is the first Kashmiri woman to develop an Android application called ‘Dial Kashmir’. This app is designed for Kashmiri locals and contains all the important and crucial contacts such as of nearby doctors, police, and emergency centres, which can be easily accessed by the people of Kashmir through smartphones.


Mehvish Mushtaq broke the stereotype and designed a useful app and made her presence felt in the world of app development. If you are interested in pursuing a similar career, there are plenty of correspondence courses in India that can help you to fulfil your dream of becoming a successful app developer.


Avani Sabade: Captain of the Indian Rugby team


A story that can easily make for a blockbuster movie, Avani Sabade created history by leading the first ever Indian women’s Rugby team as a captain. Rugby is not a popular sport in India. It has mostly seen men wading through the field, but when India’s first rugby girl team came into the spotlight, people HAD to take notice of it.


Avani had an excellent academic career and was a rank-holder from Fergusson. Yet she chose an unconventional career inspiring many women in sports. Presently, Avani has taken the role of a professor at a reputed college in Pune and spends majority of her spare time in playing, coaching and promoting rugby.


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Rajani Pandit: Maharashtra’s first private detective


Now this is a profession which has not been considered by a lot of women, probably due to safety concerns. However, it didn’t deter Rajani Pandit from making her dent in this male-dominated industry by becoming Maharashtra’s first woman private investigator. In 1991, she started Rajani Pandit Detective Services and uncovered a path for many aspiring women interested in the field.




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Harshini Kanhekar: India’s first female fire fighter


Harshini Kanhekar received a lot of scepticism when she applied at Nagpur’s National Fire Service College (NFSC), an all-male college. However, with her determination, passion and confidence she went on to become the first woman to graduate from National Fire Service College. She turned the initial scepticism into admiration with her hard work.


So what can you learn from her? If you’ve taken up a distance education course in Mumbai, or a correspondence course in Bangalore and are struggling to juggle your professional and academic responsibilities, worry not! Just stay determined and keep working hard.


Mayanti Langer: Sports journalist


Sports has always been considered to be a ‘manly’ thing, but Mayanti Langer has reinvented the role of women in sports media. Mayanti Langer is a name to reckon with in the field of sports journalism. Before she embarked her journey as a sports journalist, she was part of her college football team. She is an example of converting passion into a successful career. Mayanti is one of the flag bearers of the winds of change that highlights the rise of many more talented women in this field.


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Saluting the spirit of achievers and path-breakers


We hold immense admiration for these women who have gone out of the way to follow their dreams. They have accomplished great success and recognition, inspiring and motivating many others along the way.


Whose story inspired you the most? Tell us in the comments section.


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