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Education is one of the most essential elements for uplifting the status of a person, a community or even a nation. However, in some cases, providing education can be a challenge. This is due to the large population, lack of educational infrastructure and the geographical vastness of our country. How can we empower women by taking education to remote places? How can we find out cost effective ways to teach women? Can education be brought to their home? Can knowledge be imparted at one’s own pace and convenience? 


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The answer is Yes! We can employ technology and distance education to empower women in any part of our country and help them raise their economic, social and financial status. 


Let’s look at the 3 reasons why distance education is empowering the women in India.


Bridging the distance between higher education and home 


While primary and secondary education is more accessible to girls in small towns and villages, the fact remains that for pursuing higher education, they have to their homes and move to bigger towns and cities. This is where many girls are forced to discontinue their higher education as parents remain unwilling to send their daughters far from home. 


Distance education courses are bridging this gap by providing degree certification courses online in diverse streams. Women now can opt for Distance MBA, BBA, B. Com etc. and pursue higher studies from their home town or cities and dream of having a professional career for themselves.


Upskill to expand horizons 


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Technological advancements in almost every field have created a need for professionals to upgrade their skills. Basic computer operating skills, as well as knowledge of English, is a must for career growth. Upskilling is important for woman professionals to learn new and industry relevant skills. Many distance education courses in India offer certified courses that help women to develop both technical and soft skills enabling them to climb the corporate ladder. 


Flexible and cost effective 


A lot of women cannot pursue education due to financial or family obligations. Even professional women who take a maternal break from their careers find it hard to resume as they don’t feel confident about their professional skills. 


Distance education courses can help such women in availing cost-effective education, at their own convenience allowing them to effectively manage their work-life balance.  


Those who want to resume their careers can take short term vocational courses in streams like digital marketing, programming, sales, and accounting and make a comeback to their professional careers with confidence.


Addressing the real challenges 


Breaking the stereotype that women are suited for certain roles requires addressing the real challenge like lack of higher education, job opportunities and equal wages for women professionals.


Many steps are taken in this direction where the Government has started providing equal job opportunities to women in fields dominated by men like technical and administration. In the coming times, upskilling and getting future ready will be the mantras for the success of women in India and distance education courses can help them achieve this dream.


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