Was it an emotional moment for you to watch Ashish Nehra play his last international cricket match? We are sure almost every Indian cricket lover was disheartened to see him retire from the game. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially because of the way Nehra has endeared himself to fans throughout his career! A well-known fact from which fans take inspiration is his never-say-die attitude, which is exemplified by his bouncing back from multiple serious injuries.


So you can definitely learn some lessons from his wonderful career. His successful journey can help you stay motivated, especially if you’re pursuing a distance learning program. With this in mind, let’s look at some lessons you can learn from him.


  • Self-motivation is the key


Source: Times of India


You may know that Nehra has sustained multiple injuries, but did you know that he has undergone a total of 12 surgeries?
As a result, he has been in and out of the Indian Cricket team for the last two decades. There have been several players who have sustained injuries and never returned to the sport. Ashish Nehra was certainly not one of them. Despite recurring injuries and a poor start to his career, his constant self-motivation to represent the country earned him a promising reputation.


So if you’re pursuing a distance MBA course or a BBA correspondence course, you would do well to understand that keeping your focus on is essential.


Also, almost everyone wants a rewarding career. So it is essential to stay motivated and have a constant level of interest in your course or job to succeed.


  • Be patient with results


Source: Times of India


Nehra’s 20-year cricket career as one of India’s fastest bowler was no easy task. During one point in his career, when he was not selected by the team management to represent the country, there was no sign of him for around 3 years.


What can you learn from this?
During that time, he did not question the authorities, nor did he engage in self-pity. He continued to work hard by playing for IPL and waited patiently. He truly believes that hard work does not go in vain. So when he finally got the chance to represent the country, he excelled, driving India to victory.  This is a valuable lesson, especially if you are seeking a job after the end of your BCA degreeMCA course or BSc distance learning course.


  • Prioritize team work


Source: Cricketlounge.com


During the 2011 World Cup semi-final, when Nehra sustained injuries and was unable to play the finals, instead of sulking, he supported the team. You will be surprised to hear what he did in this free time! He organized drinks, towels and even offered advice wherever it was required. “When you have a senior member effortlessly easing himself into background roles, it is extremely heartening,” Yuvraj posted as his farewell tribute to Nehra.


Similarly, in your career, you need to always focus on the greater good of your company, which means working in alliance with your team.


  • Do not take life too seriously, but be sincere


 You would think after so many injuries and legendary comebacks, his perspective towards life would be rather philosophical. But with Nehra, it is quite different. He possesses a cheerful attitude and was considered the entertainer in the group. However, his witty remarks and lively spirit have never been at the cost of hard work! Every time he made a comeback, he adapted stronger techniques. He performed every game with complete sincerity.


So when you’re on the path of fulfilling your goals, learn to have fun at the same time. Never let stress or bleak days get the better of you. This is a lesson you can learn from Nehra to apply on a personal and professional level, especially when you are juggling your studies and work together as a distance education student.


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