Joining the workforce after a BCAMCA or any other degree can be scary. You have a lot to learn in terms of management skills, leadership and so on. The good news is that you don’t have to look too hard for inspiration! If you love cricket, then you’ll know that there’s no one better than Virat Kohli to help you with some basic management skills.


  1. Ability to accept challenges


Virat Kohli is not the one to shy away from a good challenge. He likes being challenged by determined bowlers who are trying to get him out. It brings out the best of his competitive nature. You’ll also notice how he is ready to jump in at any stage of a game, no matter how badly it’s going. He gives it his all, irrespective of the performance by the top order.



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If you shy away from challenges, then you lose out on ways you can showcase your management skills and grow your career by leaps and bounds. Remember, if you’re never noticed, you’re not going to be given opportunities to grow.


  1. Ability to perform under pressure

No matter how dire the circumstances are, Kohli does not look at them as anything that should worry him. In his own words “For me stepping out on the cricket field is an opportunity, not a pressure situation. I look at it as the challenge that I need to overcome.” It’s this positive thinking that’s helped him exceed expectations in situations where others would easily crumble.



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Performing under pressure is one of the key management skills necessary to excel in a professional environment. When you’re given an impossible target at work, don’t let it break your faith. Do your best and your hard work is sure to be recognised and rewarded.


  1. Ability to learn and improve


When he joined RCB he had come straight from the under-19 Indian Cricket team. His weakness of fishing outside the off-stump was highlighted by James Anderson during India’s Tour of England in 2014. He worked hard to correct it, and in no time he was able to fix his weakness to better his performance. It’s obvious he had a lot to learn. He never said no and took feedback positively.



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By working on your weak areas, you too can tremendously better your performance. You can do this even while working by opting for a distance education course, which allows you to pursue further education and upgrade your skill set without having to leave your job.


Feedback should never be looked at as a negative thing. By working on your weak areas, you too can tremendously better your performance. You can do this even while working by opting for a distance education course, which lets you pursue further education and upgrade your skill set without having to leave your job.


Ability to learn and improve, and manage your feedback are some of the basic management skills that will go a long way in sealing your position at your workplace


  1. Ability to stay focused


Kohli has not let fame, captaincy or personal drama take him away from the game. He has always found a way to stay focused and not be complacent in the game. When he gets onto the field, he stays so focused that it feels like he has a predetermined goal to reach. His determination to excel shines through.


Ability to stay focused is a key management skill. At work, if you find yourself juggling too many tasks you’re likely to make costly mistakes. Tackle them like Kohli would, with determination and confidence. It’s better to do one task excellently than many poorly.



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  1. Ability to understand and support his team


Although he is the captain, he never lets his position affect the way he treats his teammates. He has taken the time to understand each of his teammates’ strengths and weaknesses and use it in the right way. Another admirable thing is he does not give up on his team. If he sees that one of the players needs help, he tries to improve their game and confidence. He does not give up and replace a player so easily.



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You too need to take the time to get to know the people you work with. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses can create a healthy work environment and help you get the task done in half the time! In fact, this is the type of management skill that differentiates a boss from a leader.


It’s not only Virat Kohli but the whole Indian Cricket team that teaches us some key management lessons on how to take risks, strategize, work as a team, use resources optimally, and deal with a defeat. No wonder, the Indian Cricket team is regarded as amongst the best in the world today


You may have noticed most of these are soft skills, which people tend to improve over time at work. SMU-DE’s distance MBA course gives you the advantage of sharpening your soft skills as well, instead of focusing strictly on your academics.


Anything more you can add to Virat’s management skills? Let us know via comments!


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