After you’ve worked hard all year, you feel like you deserve a good reward, and that reward is getting promoted at work. But, what if that job promotion doesn’t come along when it’s supposed to? Try these tips to ensure you get the job promotion you deserve.


Figure out if you’re really ready for getting promoted at work


It’s easy to say that you deserve getting a raise and being promoted at work, but then do you have what it takes for the new role? Well, that’s exactly what your boss and senior management need to know. This is why you need to do some extra research, talk to seniors who have the position you’re eyeing and see if you really have what it takes to get the job promotion you deserve. Do extra course or maybe even sign up for a few distance learning programs to equip yourself for the role. Your enhanced skills set will make the management sit back and take notice of you.


Having the right skills set will make it easier for you to talk to your manager and discuss how to get promoted at work.


Discuss what you want


Only once you’re sure about what position you’re looking for, you need to approach your manager and be able to ask for the support you need to get there. Although an external part time distance education course can most certainly help you, your manager will always provide you with the exact skills that YOUR company is looking for.


Find out the opportunities that are available


Each company has certain opportunities that you could take that will get you to move ahead. Just knowing the role you want and asking for help is not enough. You could also sign up for leadership programs at work or even outside. Your boss might be able to highlight opportunities that you can avail within the company or outside that can help you get a promotion at work.


Do you want to get a job promotion only for the pay raise?


Your manager will try to figure out if you’re looking for a job promotion at work to better your growth, or only for the money. At the meeting, you need to be sure about how you’re concerned more about developing yourself and the money is secondary. You still need to be aware of how much extra work you’ll be putting in and how much others in the industry get paid for doing the same role.


Fight for getting the promotion you deserve


You need to be able to let your manager know the steps that you’re taking to getting promoted at work. Show that you’re a proactive person by showing him the courses you signed up for like an MBA, MCA or a communications course, etc. Show him that you’ve been excelling in the role you’ve been given and how you can use these two factors to contribute to the new role. It also will help you if you stress on your loyalty to the company and how you see yourself succeed with them.


Be ready for any outcome


Having this meeting with your boss does not guarantee that you’ll get the promotion at work. This is why you need to keep an open mind to what your manager has to say. Don’t force or push your manager to make a decision right then, and lastly be prepared for your manager to say no too. If there is ambiguity after the meeting, don’t be afraid to follow up with your manager. Set another meeting to clarify any concerns that weren’t discussed during the first meeting. Post this, you’ll have a very good idea if the promotion is coming your way or not and change your action plan accordingly.



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