As per a report by Business Standard, approximately 600,000 engineers are expected to get fired from seven of the largest IT companies over the next three years. This massive retrenchment drive is among the biggest ones in the Information Technology industry.


These companies include both Indian and multinational firms, with a strong concentration in India. The number doubling from last year could be attributed to the lack of understanding and the inability to adapt to newer technologies.


Time to up your game


With such large cutbacks resulting in thousands of engineers getting laid off, it is not only imperative but necessary to be at the top of one’s game. In any case, it is always better to remain prepared than to get laid off.


To progress in most jobs, possessing a key qualification is not only vital but necessary. As it blurs the lines of demographics, distance learning offers you the opportunity to not only secure, but advance your career. Distance education provides employers with the right signals as it shows ambition and drive, often aiding employees in catapulting themselves onto new career paths.


With work roles developing and demands increasing by the day, employees are under pressure to gain heavy-duty business qualifications that lead to added proficiency and prevent them from getting laid off when the things head south.


How can distance learning help you?


Since most employees can’t just leave their jobs and pursue further education,a distance learning degree could be a much preferred option. Pursuing a distance learning course, while being employed, not only enhances skills but helps an employee secure his/her job when others are getting laid off.


Even those who get laid off could take up distance learning programs, while looking for new opportunities, to upgrade their skill set and become viable assets for their future employers. Compared to a conventional on-campus programme, a distance learning course offers flexibility regarding learning schedules, thus enabling an employee to continue working while also pursuing a degree.


There are a number of universities in India that offers distance learning programs. One such notable name is that of SMU-DE, which enables pursuit of distance education programs through a host of tech-powered learning tools and mediums.


A distance education course also offers geographical flexibility which allows the possibility to earn money and focus on a career while pursuing a degree. It is definitely the appropriate choice for an employee as it offers decreased cost and added benefits.


Gain an edge


Distance education in India is steadily rising with universities such as SMU-DE offering highly customizable part-time distance learning correspondence coursesallowing flexibility in terms of learning.


These distance learning courses offer students the opportunity to utilize numerous learning modules which include lecture recordings, message boards, chat rooms and video conferences.


The flexibility of time is one of the most attractive features, allowing a student to take lectures at their convenience.


Gaining new skills through a distance education program can largely increase and improve feelings of productivity leading to more valuable contributions and higher quality work.


Lack of growth, questionable work ethics, resistance to change and failure to produce results are common reasons attributed to employees getting laid off. All of these aspects can be improved and worked on while honing in on new skills through distance learning courses.


All of these aspects can be improved and worked on while honing new skills through a distance learning course.


Continuity of gainful employment must be secured through not only hard work, but the addition of new skills and increased knowledge in business metrics.



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