How do you get the job that you’ve had your eye on? With thousands of applicants vying for every available vacancy in the market, getting your dream job is not an easy task. The number of jobs is limited; the selection process is tough, stressful, and most often disappointing. This is exactly why SMU-DE offers placement assistance to its students. With our placement assistance program, you’ll be given the opportunity to highlight your abilities to companies and have them notice you from the hundreds of resumes spamming their mailboxes each day.



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Make the Most of Job Fairs


Job fairs are a way for you to meet the top companies in your industry and apply for a job you thought was out of your reach. Job fairs help you get an idea of how many companies are looking to hire, what the competition is like and talk directly with the decision makers. Companies participating in the job fairs are also looking for fresh talent and are eager to discuss opportunities with you.


SMU-DE’s recent job fairs held in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore were a huge success. Companies such as IBM, Justdial, Genpact, The Leela, Eureka Forbes, IndiGo, Kazo, ICICI Bank, Axis Securities, HDFC Realty, IIFL, and Mahindra Finance were some of the big names that participated in the fair. There was a good mix of IT, retail, finance and other fields ensuring that all our alumni from various professional and academic backgrounds got an opportunity to make their desired pick.





Our students and alumni never miss the opportunity to get noticed by these companies and they always show up in huge numbers. Mumbai witnessed over 800 walk-in participants, Delhi had 956 and Bangalore had 630. Even with such a high number of walk-ins, 385 candidates were shortlisted in Mumbai while the number was 425 in Delhi. That’s not all, 23 and 57 candidates landed their dream job by the end of the fair in Mumbai and in Delhi respectively!


Over the years, SMU-DE has held 670 placement drives, seen over 40,000 walk-ins and made 8958 job offers to our students and alumni with over 400 companies. There are 12 more drives coming up soon. So if you’re in pursuit of getting your dream job, and wish to make the most of the job fairs, stay tuned.


Don’t hesitate to start applying for your dream job. Attending job fairs and using our online placement assistance and alumni networking features will bring you closer to getting your dream job. Give wings to your career with SMU-DE’s placement assistance options.



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