How would you define a corporate set-up? There are targets that need to be met. Your senior manager may not even be aware of the biggest contributor to the team. He/She may just know that the work is getting done as a team. So don’t assume that you’ll be rightly rewarded for your work. You need to step out from the shadows, and the best way to do this is by self-promoting your work. Here are a few ways in which you can self-promote –


  1. Deliver what’s expected of you


If you don’t hit the expected numbers or deliver quality work, those around you will definitely not be impressed by you. If you’re able to achieve, you’ll appear ready for more challenges and you’ll find more opportunities coming your way.


  1. Don’t hide your achievements


If a client has appreciated you on a project, don’t just smile and sit back; let your manager know about it! Highlight any positive feedback you’ve received for your work from clients (without overdoing it). It will work wonders for you, especially during the appraisal time. It can also work well if you celebrate your colleague’s achievements. It shows that you’re happy to recognise good work and you’ll be seen as a team player.


  1. Develop your skills


When you invest in yourself, it shows that you are aiming to grow. Look for distance learning courses that can get you ahead in your organization. If they say you require an MBA, then go ahead and enrol in a distance learning course – you’ll add plenty to your skill set.


  1. Get a mentor


For starters, a mentor can help you by providing constructive feedback and guidance. A mentor in the same organization can do more. If your mentor is at a much senior position, he/she can help you get noticed. They will pay attention to your work and can also highlight your achievements to the right people for your benefit.


  1. Be seen and heard


When there’s a meeting going on, don’t just sit there! Contribute to the meeting, research and share your ideas, explain how you can help reach the target ahead. If you feel that’s not really your style, then try responding in meetings with a positive attitude. You can promote yourself as a positive person who is willing to take on challenges, who can accept a difficult task and does not give up easily. Remember, at the end of the day you need both aptitude and a positive attitude to get ahead in any situation.


These tips should help you get the recognition that you deserve at work.





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